Here is a pile of flight controllers that people have either tried to fix or abandoned. If your flight controller suffers any damage in a crash immediately stop using it and disconnect power. I can probably repair it. The 2nd picture shows one that required many hours of work but its alive.

  I have to examine it with special equipment and this takes time. I charge $20 to inspect the board. If I fix it that charge is applied to the balance. Plan on spending $75-85 to have your board fixed.  No batteries please.

 Shipping charges not included.

In this series of pictures I am repairing 2 customers Blade 350 antennas. One was missing an antenna and the other wanted increased range. The stock antenna is prone to breaking off. It is also exposed inside the body ready to short out and cause a failure. Here I replace it with a socket and new high gain antenna. Nearly a 40% increase in range (depending on transmitter). If you try to do this, be careful it can be tricky.  I charge $30 plus shipping and have everything in stock.

Reverse voltage repairs are a $80 shipped flat rate.  My turn around time is 24 hours most of the time.I have a 95% or better success rate.

Blade 350 qx  aftermarket antenna modification


Here we have an ongoing issue with nearly every bare flight controller mounted to the Fuselage of an aircraft. The MPU-6050which has been removed in the picture and would be left of the arrow, is a very sensitive device. So much so that it has to be mounted in a pcb not exposed to external stresses. The flexible fuselage of the Blade 350 and other flying craft are too flexible to utilize this build style. The MPU-6050 data sheet says that special attention has to be made if utilizing the bottom mounting pad. In other words dont solder it to something that is prone to flexing. I fix this issue by removing the component and removing all solder from the board and the component. This makes the flight controller much more reliable and stable. If you have the accelerometer trouble code this almost always fixes it. I charge $60 for this service.