There are times when replacing the ribbon cable and aligning the motor shaft does not fix the dancing gimbal. If this is the case then one of the 3 potentiometers is usually cracked and needs replacing. I keep all the parts in stock to fix it. The last picture here shows the crack in the potentiometer that needs replacing.

Here I have applied Arctic Silver and the shim material. This is a high quality thermal conductive paste that contains real silver and silver is the best thermal conductor there is. I use foil shims saturated in thermal compound and folded to the right thickness. This allows maximum conformity and temperature reduction.There are 5 areas where thermal paste needs to be applied and DJI ignored 2 of them completely. The price of a new wifi unit is $200 and it may fail again if this is not done.

We charge $100 to open the drone and fix this problem. Bare new wifi units can be retrofitted for $50.

 This will not fix burnt boards. Some can be reflowed others are to far gone.

The DJI Vision line of drones are amazing with tons of features. Unfortunately they also come with issues. The video drop issue costs $200 to replace, the GPS satellite loss when recording, The dancing fragile gimbal. While not all flyaways can be stopped these issues can be.

Everyone crashes at least once.  99% of them are repairable for under $400 .  The success rate diminishes greatly if the customer has attempted repair. There are specific steps to trouble shoot and repair a drone. The gimbals and cameras require a vast working knowledge of how they work in order to get them properly operating.  The picture to the right shows a Vision 2+  that had a bad crash and was fully repaired.

Now we have the V3 of the Vision line. It has an improved motor and esc's. These are a great motor with lots of lift. Unfortunately DJI used hard magnetic wire to wire these to the esc's. This wire fatigues in the flexible vbibrating chassis and begins to fail, over heating its insulation. The fix is to replace the motor wire leads with a thicker, flexible, better quality. Its a complicated procedure that is labor intensive but is well worth it. Now you dont have to worry about your new Vision falling to the ground. I charge $200 for the service.

 You can see how small those thin wires are compared to a thick flexible wire

 Here I have the Vision 2+ opened up and ready for additional copper shielding. This will help it hold and lock onto more satellites greatly reducing the chance of a flyaway.

DJI  did not design the Vision 2+ with a strong GPS antenna. I found a retrofit antenna that will gain an extra satellite. It requires removing your old antenna and replacing it with a 2mm thicker 3db+ antenna. I charge $70 shipped to modify the stock antenna , it will require removal of a small amount of plastic from the inside dome of the Vision 2+ and is not visible from the outside.

Dropped video.... No one wants to see this happen in flight. Unfortunately DJI quality control is lacking here. There procedure for applying thermal compound to surface mount components is a failure. Numerous wifi units have been burned up from lack of thermal past and overheating. The components are secured by a process called balling. These solder balls get hot and expand at different rates lifting the component and causing it to fail. Take a look at this picture here. The amount of thermal conductive area is the size of pin head. This unit failed. I have multiple examples of this.  The fix is in the next picture.

Here is a picture showing some of the Gimbal repairs of this year. I have repaired nearly 500 of them to my best estimate. Less than a dozen where unrepairable and required refurbished units at a cost of $400-450.  

The Dancing failing gimbal. Everyone has a rough landing from time to time. Its just the way it is. Unfortunately for us the Vision 2+ Gimbal is fragile and separates often ruining the ribbon cable. The problem is the press fit horizontal motor/carriage. This small motor shaft is press fit into the aluminum and then falls out easily ripping the Gimbal ribbon cable. At $90 each, every landing becomes tense. To fix the gimbal and make it a true interference fit  a brass bushing is installed. This along with permanent red loctite creates a long term fix. One should also use a gimbal protector purchased from ebay.

 Sometimes the horizontal control potentiometer gets out of calibration and the Gimbal goes crazy. It  will jerk around and this will cause the motors to overheat and the unit to fail completely. There are many videos on Youtube showing how to fix this.  We charge $80 to fix the gimbal and install the ribbon cable. You must supply the ribbon cable or we will purchase it and bill you for it.

Here is another pic showing the location of the 2 final power amplifiers that DJI decided did not need heat sinking. They put a cover over them to shield them but did nothing to mitigate heat. It looks a little messy but Arctic silver is non conductive. These 2 amplifiers have a max operating temp of 85c. In failed units they have discolored the metal shielding with heat. They dont even touch the shield and cause it to discolor, maybe 650F. This is a gross failure point.

Copper Shielding all in place. This got me one more satellite, locking me in at 7 in a very wooded field with an abundance of tree cover.  We charge $70 to open it up shield it and put it back together. You can see in this picture I use Kapton insulating tape over the copper.