In the first picture here I am improvising and built a quick wooden frame to test some components that where sent to me. The 2nd picture is the beginning layout of components.  I am mounting a professional grade 3 axis gimbal with a HD19 professional High Definition camera. Cinematic quality aerial filming in a compact package. Truly cutting edge, hundreds of hours of designing and testing went into this unit.

Yes, it really is a Blade 350qx.

Test video to the right, of the Blade 350qx flying with a 3 axis gimbal.

 This is raw unedited video and I really tried to put this system through a hard test. The hardest thing to keep looking smooth is close up footage of hard edges. More work to go but very happy with the progress of the worlds smallest 3 axis gimbal cinematic flying platform.

 Here I am testing a modified esc after doubling its available current.  I am checking base current and power output to the motor to make sure everything is working properly. I have a nice sine wave and this esc is ready to FLY!!!  For $80 plus shipping I can modify your esc's to handle 20 amps, this opens up the door to fly hundreds of  different motors. It keeps all stock features in place.