Way to go!.. Seems like USPS was a tad slow getting to me, I did not get my board back until Saturday. Our mail does not come until after 6 pm most days and so it was Saturday evening b4 I received the package. She fly's like a champ and I thank you very much. I am a little intimidated with this bird but I say now this is no longer true. I started working on it this afternoon and put the board back in and hoped all my plug ins were correct. Before securing it with all the screws and no props on, I hooked the battery up to see if I would at least get an LED and some kind of power up. While nervous, as the moment of truth would at least be half here, I flipped the switch to on after hooking up the battery, got LED and power up of sorts, then flipped the switch again this time to off. Being very pleased I finished the quad with the screws, installed the props and took her outside. Man I was really nervous at this point. I was able to bind w/ no issues. Then, GPS in short order, then my stability mode. Left right throttle and instant props power up. So now another moment of truth. I took her up only for a short time and went thru all 3 of my modes. I did not fly in agility mode, (never do) but it was there. I stayed in place in AP mode exactly like it is supposed to, took her way up in my blue mode of stability . After 2 to 3 minutes I brought her back down and powered off as I just wanted to relish in the moment.

So long story short you have not only fixed me board but gave it back exactly as it was b4 I killed it ( new and perfect ). I am very busy with work, but you deserve another happy customer singing your praise (in the forum as well) and you have one with me...
PS: You can rest assured I will never reverse leads on my battery, and hook my board up and instantly fry it again.

Thanks Jeremy, I could not be more satisfied with your services, from turnaround time, to complete fix of my dead board, to the very good price as well. I will recommend you and will send you any problems I may have in the future.


Doing the happy dance. Can't wait to post some good stuff on you tube. I want to give credit where credit is due so do I have permission to use US Drone repairs name as the repair shop that saved my copter ?Lastly, if you send an invoice I can pay immediately.
Thanks Ray A


Many of my customers have asked me to put up a testimonial section.  Thank you to all that have used our service and made it possible.    I have literally countless reviews, here are the latest.

It works great.. I flew a number of times. It did start to act up a little but re-cal the compass and it was back to normal. So thank a lot.

Dave Y.

Thank you much for your help.  Let's try to get together soon to plot on a project to work on together.


Good news Jeremy! I got the guts installed, and she test flew great!!!
GPS lock too a while but she held nice and flew smooth :)
Thanks for the professional service mate! When I can get off my lazy but and get my site running I will get you linked for services for sure.
Consider having a testimonial page on your site so you can get peoples responses to your service, it will help mate!



I did get to test my range last night though. Took my daughter and quad out to a long country road here and set it on a fence post (4 feet off the ground) with her standing by it. Hopped in the car and drove a quarter mile away. Went through all the modes with the switch and had her on the phone telling me instantly when it was switching modes (green, blue and "oh shit its gonna crash" red (lol). Went to a half a mile and still had a perfect switching signal. I couldnt see it at that distance. Went to 3/4 mile and still had a signal. At around the 1 mile mark is where I lost it. She said it started flashing the RTH red. But this was only 4 feet AGL, so I bet if it was 200 feet or so up it might still receive a TX signal at that distance. More than good enough for me. Cant thank you enough man Tom 
That is not enough money for all your work. Can we agree on $125. I can not thank you enough for all the work you have done.
Thanks again, art